Contest: Predict the Cuts to Louisiana Higher Ed & Win!

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By Dayne Sherman

Stop the bayou presses. We have a winner. Rodney with $190 million from Facebook, and Ann for being the first to comment. Books going out in the mail soon. Thanks to everyone for participating. The proposed number is $211 million–as reported by The Advocate. [Announcement: 2/28/15.]


CONTEST! CONTEST! CONTEST! Friday, February 27th is the date Gov. Bobby Jindal announces his budget disaster (I mean, budget proposal.). He’s already cut Louisiana higher education more than any state in America. But he wants to do more.


Here’s the deal: Predict the amount Jingles will cut higher ed in his budget proposal and win a signed copy of Welcome to the Fallen Paradise (10th anniversary edition, out in a few days) and a “scratch off” Louisiana Lotto ticket. The book is for your enjoyment, and if you have a winning number on the Lotto ticket you MAY be able to join the thousands fleeing Louisiana, especially higher ed faculty, staff, and students. The person with a prediction closest to the real published number (in The Advocate newspaper) is the winner.


Everyone gets a consolation prize. A FREE ebook copy of my great short story titled “Security,” a piece about a Louisiana log truck driver named Peebo Grizzle who fights hard to keep his job. The book is a free giveaway on Thursday and Friday of this week. You will have to download your copy here.


The fine print: No spamming, only one entry per person, only one BIG WINNER (I’ll do a coin flip if two have the same budget number), and you can register your one guess on the Blog comment section below or on my personal or Blog Facebook page. Only one entry per person. The contest ends on Friday, February 27, 8:30 AM, CST. I’ll do my best to announce the winner by the end of the day on Friday.


Happy predicting. Let’s make the best of a horrible situation. I DO NOT make any money off of free ebooks or estories. If you like the estory, please be so kind as to write an online review. Good luck.


Dayne Sherman’s new novel is Zion, a $4.99 ebook. Signed first editions available from the author. And he does not speak for any of his employers.

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6 Responses

  1. $350,000,000.

  2. Hi Ann. You might win this thing. They’re floating $500 million over the past week. This would make the college presidents, chancellors, and provosts pleased as pie. Not $500,000,000!!!!!! –Dayne

  3. james kirylo

    285 million!

  4. Ingrid Guillaume

    $375 million

  5. OK, I’ll be like that annoying last contestant on “The Price is Right” and guess $1 – not that I think it will come out that way….

  6. Dr. Wyld: You could be the winner. They’re leaking the budget. It looks like Jingles IS softening on higher ed cuts, and perhaps the lege is planning a mutiny!!! No one will be happier than your faithful blogger to see the $1.00 cuts. –Dayne

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