Why Trump will Lose and Clinton will Win on Nov. 8

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By Dayne Sherman


Donald Trump will Lose

  1. “What got Trump through the primary couldn’t win the general.” In other words, Trump never pivoted.
  2. He couldn’t shut his pie hole.
  3. He alienated and attacked women.
  4. He alienated and attacked Hispanics and other minorities.
  5. He alienated deeply religious voters of all varieties from Evangelicals to Mormons.
  6. He falsely believed rallies would win him the election.
  7. He had no coherent message of hope.
  8. He appealed to the worst demons of our nature.
  9. He had no ground game.
  10. He had never run for office and lacked basic campaign experience.
  11. His fundraising was sketchy. (Wasn’t he self-funding? He never had a coherent fundraising appeal.)


Hillary Clinton will Win

  1. Hillary had message discipline.
  2. She and the Democrats had a ground game.
  3. Her message was one of hope and appealed to the better angels of our nature.
  4. Obama’s popularity has skyrocketed.
  5. She had over 40 years of campaign experience.
  6. She had adequate campaign funds throughout the race.
  7. Bernie Sanders enthusiastically endorsed her.


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