Time to Fix Higher Ed

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By Dayne Sherman Novelist Ernest Hemingway said, “Never mistake motion for action.” These are appropriate words for today’s state budget crisis, especially as it relates to Louisiana higher education. Currently, most legislators are playing like they want to save the … Continued

Why Mississippi Isn’t Louisiana

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By Dayne Sherman Louisiana Higher Ed and Walker Percy   One career politician has traveled the Bayou State delivering a lame lecture to civic groups titled “Why Louisiana Ain’t Mississippi.” The purpose of the talk is to speak well of … Continued

State of (Dis)Repair: Louisiana AND Higher Education

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By Dayne Sherman This may be the best event covering the Louisiana budget crisis and higher education held in 2015. Please come and tell a friend. Free and open to the public.   Thursday, April 23, 2015 St. Albert the … Continued

Banning the Strawberry Festival Poster

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By Dayne Sherman Of Posters and Prosperity It is rare when “art” causes outrage, but lately every Tom, Dick, and Harriett from Kentwood to Bedico has become an art critic. French berets can be seen at coffee houses, open mouths … Continued

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